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Guided Fishing on the Lower Rogue

From Agness to Gold Beach

Salmon and Steelhead Fishing at its finest

on the Famous Wild & Scenic Rogue River!

Salmon and Steelhead Fishing

Whitewater Adventures

Scenic Cruises

All of this on the…

Lower Wild & Scenic Rogue River!

With its awe inspiring mountains to the tranquility of the Rogue River, Agness is located in the majestic Siskiyou National Forest. The community is located 32 miles east of Gold Beach, Oregon.


If you are looking for a salmon or steelhead fishing adventure, then look no further! John Carl Guide Service tailors your guided fishing trips for the beginners and the experienced. Secret fishing holes from Gold Beach, up river along the lower Rogue River for 32 miles to Agness.


Whitewater trips are available too and adjusted for your wants and needs. You can decide the length of your trip, as well as the excitement level. Enjoy a river adventure that is slow and relaxing with narrated highlights, or for the more adventurous, a fun and exciting boat ride with lots of white water exposure. All in the comfort of a covered and heated boat designed for pleasant winter travel.


Fishing: Agness to Gold Beach!

There is no need to bring your own fishing gear – of course there is the exception of your lucky hat! Top quality rods and reels are provided for you. At the end of the day, John Carl Guide Service will clean and fillet your catch.


Whitewater: Agness to Gold Beach!

The majestic Siskiyou National Forest with awe inspiring mountains and the tranquility of the lower Rogue River is your backdrop. Winter and spring tours feature wildlife, excitement, and an abundance of scenic waterfalls, that you would not see in the summer time which are nestled along the wild and scenic lower section of the Rogue River.


Do-It-Yourself Adventure: Custom!

There are many trails along the lower Rogue River and you may want to get away and do your own thing in this lower Rogue River region. John Carl Guide Service can help you with your gear by shuttling you and your supplies to your destination for Fishing, Camping, Hunting, and Hiking. Our livery and shuttle service is a convenient way to get in and out of your destination, including the option of just hanging out at one of the local lodges.


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About John:


John Carl’s family roots run deep in Agness, Oregon. His family, the Blondells, moved there in 1917 and were well known for their passion about fishing on the lower Rogue River.



They knew where great fishing holes were located and shared these

“secret spots” with friends & family.


Years later, John’s grandfather, Hugh McGinnis, became the first official fishing guide in the family which launched a family tradition of fishing guides and tour boat captains. Ever since John was old enough to hold a fishing pole, he visited his family in Agness every chance he had and learned the fishing secrets about this section of the lower Rogue River. Following his family tradition, John has lived in Agness for 20+ years and loves to help people catch fish!


John is an accomplished captain. His qualifications not only include a lifetime experience of fishing and boating on the Rogue River, he is accredited with the following credentials:


• U.S. Coast Guard Licensed

• State Marine Board Licensed

• U.S. Forest Service Permitted

• First Aid and CPR Certified


There are a limited amount of guides permitted to fish the “wild and Scenic” portion of the Rogue River, and people say, John is one of the favorites!


During the summer months, John is employed by Jerry’s Rogue Jets in Gold Beach as a tour boat captain. Over the 20+ years on the Rogue River, John has talked to a lot of people about their experiences on the lower Rogue, and shares the likes and highlights of stories told by his customers, offering you a truly satisfying adventure on the river.


John also has experience as a fishing guide in Alaska. He worked as a guide for 5 years at the Baranof Wilderness Lodge catching Halibut and all species of Salmon.


If you are interested in a great Alaskan fishing experience, John knows the place, the rivers and can hook you up!

john carl holding salmon

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